Alternate Picking with a Plectrum

This PDF includes: 11 music scores + 1 video + 24 audios

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Alternate Picking with a Plectrum

Alternating downstrokes with upstrokes is an elementary technique every guitar player should master! It will allow you to play fluidly and rapidly. Therefore it is absolutely indispensable for soloing in every musical style – be it blues, rock, jazz, heavy metal or funk. When using this technique, you should under all circumstances (whether you move to a different string or not) stick to a strict alternation between down- and upstrokes and maintain a homogeneous sound.

This course places at your disposal a video demonstration of the way this technique is performed and the way the plectrum is held, as well as three technical exercises in scales, their corresponding recordings and seven musical licks to be played along with just as many backing tracks.

Multimedia PDF : US$ 5.99