Splitting into Eighth Notes

This PDF includes: 11 music scores + 1 video + 24 audios

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Splitting into Eighth Notes

When splitting beats a continuous down-up strum pattern is maintained, regardless of whether or not strings are hit. By doing this you achieve perfect, faultless timing. This applies not only to soloing, but also to accompanying. When splitting into eighth notes you perform one down-up strum per beat, i.e. with the downstroke/down-strum you play the eighth note on the on-beat and with the upstroke/up-strum you play the eighth note on the off-beat. This technique allows you to play in a carefree manner every type of note and rest value - from the whole to the eighth notes and rests.

This course provides a video demonstration of this playing technique, three technical exercises comprising i.a. rhythmic shifts, their corresponding recordings, as well as seven musical licks (solos and compings) to be played along to just as many different backing tracks.

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