First Sweep-Picking Lessons

This PDF includes: 11 music scores + 1 video + 24 audios

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First Sweep-Picking Lessons

Sweep-picking consists in letting your pick glide over the strings, letting it ‘sweep’ downwards, from low to high strings, and upwards, from high to low strings. When you don’t move to a different string, alternate picking is strictly maintained. The sweeping motion must be fluid, not choppy, and needs good right-left coordination. Make sure your fingers do not fret the board more than necessary, otherwise the result will be more of an arpeggiated chord.

This course provides a video demonstration of this playing technique, three technical exercises in scales and arpeggios, their corresponding recordings, as well as seven musical licks to be played along to just as many different backing tracks.

Multimedia PDF : US$ 5.99